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Progetto Sicurezza

This project consists of an EXTREMELY basic implementation of a "Certification Authority" and a "Client" that communicates with it.

It was made using vb.NET, the BouncyCastle library and the iTextSharp library, and simulates the following "features" of a CA/Client interaction:
  • x509v3 certificates lifecycle
    • Certificates request and creation
    • Certificates renewal
    • Certificates revocation
  • Very basic CRL and OCSP implementation
  • Signature and encryption of PDF files using the BouncyCastle certificates and the iTextSharp library
  • Communication between client and CA using WCF and signed XML to relay data

This project was made for a university assignment, and has no real practical purpose, other than maybe providing some hints in regard to how to use the BouncyCastle libraries, for which I found out there's a general lack of documentation, especially when it comes to the .NET version

Feel free to browse the sourcecode, tho keep in mind that the way I do stuff with the BouncyCastle API is not necessarily the best/correct way to do it (as I said, not much documentation available for BC, I had to cobble stuff together from bits and pieces found online).

Feel free to use the discussion forum if you have any questions.

The project is released undes GPLv2.

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